How We Built Our Motorhome Using an
Old Peterbilt Road Tractor and an
Empty Aluminum Box
Here is the picture history of our motorhome construction project from start to finish. Thanks for coming to our website, and Welcome Aboard!
​Back in 1999 good fortune smiled upon my wife and me and we were unexpectedly given the opportunity for early retirement from the company for which I had worked for nearly 25 years. After we discussed this opportunity carefully, I donned my "golden parachute" and jumped out my office window directly into the casual life of retirement, an adaquate nestegg, and the opportunity for us to do pretty much whatever we wanted.

With our children grown with families of their own and none living near us in our hometown, traveling to see them and touring America suddenly became a high priority for us. My working life had prevented us from doing too much traveling other than the typical one and two week vacations with the kids as they were growing up. There was a whole, big, outside country to discover and we wanted to begin that adventure as the next stage of our lives together.

After considering all the potential methods of traveling around, we decided to order and purchase a small fiderglass travel trailer; a Casita. During the first four or five years we owned this little 17' gem we traveled to California twice, Atlanta three or four times and numerous trips to surrounding states and local campgrounds, especially ones along the Lake Michigan shoreline in western Michigan. 
After about four or five years into our Casita ownership we began thinking "a little more room" would be nice, so we began looking around for a class A motorhome. We found a perfect one at an RV show, put some money down on it, and arranged with the dealer to take delivery the next day. It was on the way home that it dawned on us that we had just spent spent a whole lot of money on a quickly depreciating asset. We were both much more creative and capable people than the type to go out and buy a motorhome, contributing talents into its existance only through our ability to write out a check. We called the dealer when we got home and cancelled our order; needless to say, although he was in the camping business he was NOT a happy camper!

It was then that our idea of building a motorhome reached the light of day. Over the next year or so our wants and plans took form. By 2002 our idea had form: build a motorhome using a class 8 commercial road tractor, take off the fifth wheel, extend the frame, and purchase a dry van box. The box would be installed on the truck frame rails and would be finished out inside to our design to become the living quarters. All was set, the die was cast. We were in business!

It took us the next eight years to find and purchase the "perfect" road tractor to become our motorhome conversion. We came close to finding what we wanted a couple of times, but it wasn't until May, 2010 we located our Peterbilt 379 road tractor, 2002 model; 887,000 miles. It had spent most of its commercial life hauling cheese between Wisconsin and the west coast. We bought it! 

So that's the background to this construction project; sorry I was so windy . . . now you are ready to start your picture tour of our Peterbilt motorhome conversion project. Hope you enjoy it!